"I'm not a genre, I'm a vibe."

Let’s talk authenticity. My music is not to be labeled or put in a box. Every song shares a different emotion. An emotion is portrayed by a different style. I'm not a genre, I'm a vibe. I just want to get my story across. I love sharing my stories with you all. In my vlogs, on my feed, in my music. If there’s one message I want to get across it’s that you have to be unapologetically yourself and not be afraid of what comes with that. The opinions, the backlash, the rolling eyes. There’s 50% of that and than there’s 50% of ‘hey, your post gave me the courage to do this’ or ‘you’re the reason I finally said this yesterday’. And that’s why we need to keep being 100% ourselves because than we inspire other people. I think I could have been more famous for my music or more known for my spirituality if I kissed a lot more asses and hung out with the ‘right’ influencers but I just don’t work that way. And I know God, The Universe, whatever you call it, rewards you in 10 fold if you keep it real. So let’s all keep shining our light over everyone who wants to dim it.



  • ep 1 'ASCENDANT'

    Ascendant, meaning 'the one rising above'. The songs on this ep are very much about the addiction to a human being. It's one of the worst kind. It consumes you. So I'm hoping to get that feeling across when you listen to it. But I recovered. I ascended. I rose above.

    Listen here.

  • ep 2 'LUCIA'

    I released my second ep after the birth of my daughter LUCIA. The year I was pregnant I had so much to talk about. I just completed a very big cycle in my life of 11 years and found new love. Most of the songs describe how I felt about my boyfriend and one song in perticular is a conversation I'm having with my daughter. Listen here.